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Skelligs Hot Chocolate

As the weather is starting to get alot colder over the past few days we have started to daydream of nights by the fire sipping on delicious hot chocolate’s and tucking in to our favourite treats!

Here at Skelligs Chocolate HQ we have been very busy preparing for Christmas, with beautiful gifts for all the family. To combat this cold weather, you will be delighted to know we have a Hot Chocolate flavour for everyone’s taste buds!! This is a perfect treat for your loved one’s this and is sure to keep everyone warm and cosy!


Our Hot Chocolate gift pack has a selection of Spicy Cinnamon, Fiery Chilli and Creamy Milk Chocolate flavours which make the best hot chocolate you will ever taste. Each gift set contains instructions on how to make the perfect hot chocolate, which of course involves a few little extra’s but the results are to die for…

How to make the perfect Hot Chocolate:

Step 1.

To get an even consistency, shake the Hot Chocolate well before use.

Step 2.

Next, pour your desired amount of milk into a saucepan. Heat the milk over a medium heat until warm.

Step 3.

Open your preferred Skelligs Hot Chocolate and use approximately 2 tablespoons per serving. Add the chocolate to your heated milk, stirring constantly.

Step 4.

Keep stirring your mixture until all the chocolate has been fully dissolved.

Step 5.

Continue to heat the hot chocolate mixture until it is hot but not boiling.

Step 6.

To achieve a frothy finish, whisk the hot chocolate mixture vigorously just before pouring.

Step 7. (Optional)

Once your Skelligs Hot Chocolate is poured, add some marshmallows to the top and enjoy!


Enjoy making your delicious hot chocolates and do please tag us on social media by using @skelligschoc or #SkelligsChocolate so we can see how your’s turned out!!

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