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Chocolate Facts

This week we have compiled a list of interesting and fun facts about Chocolate which you may not already know! You will be amazed by some and pleasantly surprised by others, so read on and enjoy… Did you know that Chocolate inspired the microwave? One scientist discovered that magnetrons have the ability to heat up food […]

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Chocolate Milkshake Day

As today is Chocolate Milkshake Day, we have decided to share our favourite Chocolate Milkshake recipe with you all. This recipe has been tried and tested and is a perfect treat for the kids or as an after dinner indulgence! The ingredients are pretty simple so pull up those sleeves, pop on the apron (trust me […]

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Book canva

The Final Week to Bake

With only 9 days left to submit your recipe entries, we are nearing the end for the chance to have your recipe included in our upcoming book! You can enter as many recipes as you like and as often as you like. If there are any baked or steamed chocolate pudding’s, we would love to […]

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Skelligs Chocolate Book

We are very excited to announce we are writing a book! Due to be released in 2017 this will be the 1st ever Skelligs Chocolate Book and we would love for you all to get involved. If you would like to take part and contribute to creating this lasting masterpiece simply send us your favourite chocolate […]

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On the QT website image

On The QT visit Skelligs Chocolate

Already a month into our Blog and the summer is flying by here at Skelligs Chocolate. Every day is bustling with new people calling in to say hello and taste the tantalising flavours of our Award winning chocolate and soak up the factory’s breathtaking panoramic views of the Skelligs Rocks. The August bank holiday is […]

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The Hottest Day of the Year!

Hello and hope you are enjoying Ireland’s “Hottest Day of the Year” 2016!!! In this weekly blog, we usually look back on the past week and reminisce but we cannot miss the opportunity to celebrate this day! Our Irish summers are usually not the best but we have gotten our fair share of bad weather […]

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Skelligs mix

World Chocolate Day

Kicking off with 4th of July celebrations, it was another very busy week here at Skelligs Chocolate! We had lots of visitors with some great stories of their travels to date; the good the bad and the ugly!! If you follow us on social media, make sure and tag us and say hi!! One of […]

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Welcome to Skelligs Chocolate Blog

Hello and welcome to our weekly Chocolate blog! Have you ever wondered what happens in a chocolate factory? How we make our delicious chocolate? Or how our mouth-watering truffles are created? Each week we will give you an insight into life at Skelligs Chocolate and we would love to answer any questions you might have. […]

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